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Offering a full range of services to writers and small publishers

Julie Murkette provides a range of creative services to writers and small publishers. She is passionate about words and the ways they can be combined to transmit complex transformative ideas. Design and typesetting services are available to publishers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and self-publishing writers nationwide. She also provides copyediting, proofreading, and indexing services, as well as consulting on marketing, publicity, and distribution. Packages for complete project management from conception through final sales are available. Thinking of converting your print book to E-book? Learn about formatting and distribution options that may be available to you. Consulting services are available to support writers and emerging entrepreneurs in making the transition to their next level of development.

Julie Murkette began working with books and writers in 1976 as the founder of Womanchild Press. For several years Womanchild Press published chapbooks, broadsides, and an annual poetry magazine. Each publication was created one letter at a time, using metal type and a 19th century treadle-operated letterpress. Although the technological transition from letterpress to computer-generated materials was gradual, her dedication to quality and perfection has remained consistent.

Her book, Get Your Book Seen and Sold: The Essential Book Marketing and Publishing Guide, co-authored with Claudine Wolk, was published by Lost Valley Press in September 2023.

Member IBPA and IPNE.

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